Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Nearly there... I've got several posts ready for the next couple of weeks, aiming to show the variety you can expect to see on Crabbit At Home. The first "proper" post goes out this evening. Another on Thursday and then the Great Big Purple Blog-Warming Party on Friday. Have you got a baby-sitter organised? Told your partner you'll be out all night? Wrapped up my present?

And remember: I will blog here in the evenings only. (Well, apart from this one. *cough*) The day is for working, you naughty writers and other self-employed people. I'm trying to instil some routine in my working life, with a bit of healthy relaxation in the evening. And far be it from me to tell you what to do, but... Do it, eh?


  1. Busted!!!! Feel like I've been caught by the Head when I should be studying. Well at least I should be writing, revising or plotting or at the very least.

    This place is fabulous, can't wait to see how it develops. I thank you for providing another distraction! :)

    1. *glares* Get back to work! (See you later, I hope, when we will both have done SO much writing...)


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