Saturday, 5 May 2012

My Saturday

Today, I did all of these things except one. Any guesses?

Clear site for new garden shed office thing
Weed entire (50m x 10m) garden so shed installers will be impressed
Make entire patio area perfect for same reason
Sit in sun for at least 3 mins
Make collage of things and frame for new office
Sort through old paint & find some to paint office with
Randomly decide to paint bathroom door, at last
Write diary for last 10 days
Email lovely person who is coming to stay to warn re electricians and explain flat will be a tip
Plan teenage brain event, which totally, like, MUST be done today
Commit to going ahead with Virtual Crabbit - online events. Decide first 3
Reply to Glorious Publicist Louise's email
Clean sheets on bed
Two laundry loads
Hang picture, at bloody last
Water sage and parsley seedlings
Write ABBA blog post for May 11th
Post sister-in-law's birthday present 
Put all comments from last night's Crabbit At Home party through random generator. Worry that  winners are good friends. Realise that all blog readers are friends anyway.
Reply, sadly negatively, to lovely book launch invitation from Famous Author :(
Email D2 in SA and phone D1 in London
Sign books requested by George Watson's College
Walk dog
Do dog's ear-drops, making self highly unpopular
Make list
Fritter much time on FB and Twitter
Clear up shocking mess left from last night's party, including items on chandeliers
Drink wine (after 7.30pm, obvs)

Well? What did I not do??????


  1. You didn't have 3 minutes of sun, surely?

    1. Actually, we had almost a whole day of it! Seriously. I wouldn't have gardened, otherwise, I have to say.

  2. Ok, well I'm going for the one that MUST be done today? The only reason I'm saying that is because I've got something that I should've done today and I've spent the whole day avoiding it.

    Sorry I missed the 'house warming' yesterday, but was too busy avoiding yesterday's must do task!

    1. Correct! Gah. I really really really need to do it.

  3. Did you like totes not do the thing you were like supposed to like definitely like totes completely complete today?

  4. I'm going to have to agree with Vee, entirely and for exactly the same reason!! And by the way, i am seriously impressed with your achievements today. Large quantities of last night's left-over wine are much derserved. Unless of course Vee and i are correct? In which case ...GET ON WITH PLANNING THAT EVENT!

  5. I follow your Help!... blog so I thought I'd pop over here too.

    The only thing I can't imagine you had any time for at all is Facebook - unless you have Mr Gadget-style appendages!

    1. Somehow, I find time for Facebook and twitter. I think I'd die of boredom otherwise.

  6. Really there are no excuses for not getting your cat hairs in order you know!

  7. I think what you didn't do was clean up after your twitter party after all it was virtual and the best kind to have as there is only virtual mess left. My first post on A to Z challenge was Abba so I'll be interested in reading yours.

  8. I am not guessing but just want to say I am IN AWE and also feel faintly sick and am going to lie down. SUPERWOMAN!SUPERBAT!

  9. Oh my God, were you still standing after doing all that lot?! I am guessing you forgot to water those poor little seedlings, and they're now shrivelled and dying. Next time plant 'em outside and let the rain take the strain.


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