Saturday, 28 April 2012

Decorating delay

As someone of you have pointed out, the planned launch party last night didn't happen. I just haven't quite managed to get the place finished. It's all this rain - the decorator couldn't get outside to do the windows. So, you'll have to wait a bit longer to see the fab purple front door and all the trimmings. I hope you don't mind a spot of purple :).

I confidently expect the party to be next Friday, May 4th. Please put it in your diary.

So, party on Friday, but some posts in the meantime. All posts here will be in the evening, because Crabbit At Home is for relaxing after work. Sometimes they will be funny things that have happened; sometimes they will cover serious things that annoy or inspire me; there will be photos, fun and gadfly thoughts. I say "relaxing after work" - actually, blogging is hard work, but I find it fun. I will definitely be here every Friday, and sometimes other days as well. I like blogging too much not to, though I do have rather a lot of actual work to do. *coughs and hopes agent is listening*


  1. Here, sneaking you in an early (and virtual)glass of the bubbly stuff to keep you going through the party preparations! (It's all right you can have my share. I don't drink it.)

  2. I wondered if you'd get even more crabbit if I complained about the lack of Friday blog yesterday.
    Chickened out.

  3. Bookwitch, I don't believe you!

    Cat - oooh, thank you.


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