Friday, 7 September 2012

Blame My Brain - new cover coming!

I love the new cover that Walker Books have designed for the new edition of Blame My Brain, which will be relaunched in May next year, with an updated paperback version and an ebook version. I'll be doing events to support it. And I may have some special news, soon, too!

What do you think of the cover?

I also have another book about the brain, Know Your Brain, aimed at anyone from 9+/families, showing you how to look after and respect your brain. It features references to my dog... Great idea for a present for an enquiring 9+ child.

I'll see some of you in York today, at the York Festival of Writing. I'll be the one looked exhausted.


  1. The old version is in our local library - but almost never on the shelves. I am going to suggest they buy several copies of the updated version as the local teens seem to really go for it!

  2. I love the cover, Nicola; excellent graphics and typography, spot on, I think.

    I have just one personal opinion tho' - hope I don't upset anyone, yourself included - it's something that struck me immediately I looked at the cover:

    The head graphic would work better flipped, so that it's facing the right-hand side of the book rather than the spine.... As I say, just a personal opinion. (Runs for cover...)

    1. It wouldn't have occurred to me but it's something that's done by experts in-house at Walker Books, and they have a reputation for great covers, so I'm very relaxed about it. No need to run for cover!


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