Friday, 6 July 2012

Favourite places - and a chance for you to be published

I came across this today. Scottish Book Trust are running a competition in which you can write about your favourite place. It got me thinking about favourite places.

I have many. I love trees and this is a picture of some woods where I lived just outside Edinburgh two houses ago. The woods were why I wanted to live there. My husband wanted to live there because of a particular wall! *shakes head in disbelief*

I love hills, and this is the hill just through my garden now - Calton Hill in Edinburgh.


I love my new garden office, the Crabbit Hutch, where I am at the moment. It's pouring with rain outside but so cosy and bright inside.

I love being in my bed with a book. I won't show you a picture of that, if you don't mind.

I love standing on a beach, looking out to sea. Any beach. Any sea. But here's one. Pringle Bay in South Africa, where I was earlier this year.

I love the Yurt at the Edinburgh International Book Festival. I wrote about that here. And here is me enjoying the sun while sitting outside it. It's always sunny there... 

Do go and enter the SBT competition but meanwhile tell me: where is your favourite place? 


  1. I have my entry almost ready for this - I like lots of very picturesque places so it was tempting to go for the pass of Killiecrankie or the West Sands at St Andrews, but actually I have chosen somewhere quite different - it isn't based on any aesthetic considerations but on what happens there.

  2. Elizabeth Dunn7 July 2012 at 21:30

    Oh c'mon. Fluffy pink dressing gown, red tartan boots, four poster bed and the Famous Five. We MUST have a pic. Please.

  3. Top of Hengistbury Head, just down the road from me. There's a 360-degree view from there - Isle of Wight, Purbeck, New Forest, Dorset hills. Distant horizons always work for me, and this view gives you them in all directions.

  4. Yes, I agree re distant horizons. There's good psych and neuro evidence that supports it, too - good for creative thinking.

    Calton Hill (the one behind my house) has 360 degree views, too - fab.


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